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Farewell 2022

2022 has passed. What a year!

Take one word to summary my 2022, I think it would be "lack of splendid". Expand to some words, then I would choose deceleration, chaotic, pursuing.

Deceleration means I feel my personal growing became slower than before in 2022, including work, study, input and output. I spent four months occupied in a tough project that I don't like. Only read a few books. Barely involved in open source. Not much writing.

Chaotic refers to the whole world and my life. Too many events were happened, too many disappointment, too many anger, too few hope.

Pursuing. In 2022 I seems lost my goal, always trying, not much gain. I did produce some outcome, but not enough to satisfy me. What would happened to me in the next three to five years? How to keep my advantages? What could I be interested in?

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作为一名程序员,总有一些时候,会对自己所做的重复性的工作感到厌倦,也会羡慕明星项目做得热火朝天 star 数蹭蹭上涨。而读代码,则是缓解焦虑的良方。



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